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Investigating the effects of voice dialogue based individual coaching : an explorative case-study approach

Grommisch, G. (2014) Investigating the effects of voice dialogue based individual coaching : an explorative case-study approach.

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Abstract:Objectives: This explorative case study examines the effects of Voice Dialogue based individual coaching. The Voice Dialogue method is used since the early 1970’s (Stone & Stone, 1997), but research is lacking. The current study is a first step to validation. Voice Dialogue is a method intended to develop self-awareness and the transformation of consciousness. With Voice Dialogue a client literally let sub personalities speak. Energies of and strains between sub personalities are used to get insights to inner struggles and indistinctness and the resolution of such dilemmas later on. The different voices are given a physical place and the right to speak which will enable the client to get a deeper understanding of contradicting viewpoints and feelings and insights to what a voice might try to protect and why that may be helpful. Design: An explorative case study approach, with a t0 measurement before the first session, a t1 measurement after half of the sessions and a t2 measurement after the last session, was used. Method: Participants were three clients declared at ‘het Balkon’, Vasse, The Netherlands for individual coaching. The Participants were asked to fill out a survey at t0, t1 and t2, two coaching sessions were video analysed and after all of the coaching sessions a semi structured interview is conducted. Well being was the primary outcome measure. Results: According to the survey results, no significant increase of well being is found. There is a significant decrease of depression when clients score high at t0. Stress levels are affected significantly and scores on anxiety are not affected. The video recorded sessions show that clients have to get used to the method and that they get insights. Throughout the interviews, five themes could be identified. Conclusion: The theoretical implication of Voice Dialogue that insight in different sub personalities contributes to growing aware ego and that a growing aware ego, in turn, results in growth, self-acceptance, resistance to stress, more balanced psychic forces and better interpersonal relationships, could not be shown throughout the current study. Clients state that the coaching helped, especially with respect on gaining insights, but strategies and abilities to get the theory into practice are lacking.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Het Balkon, Vasse, the Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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