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De leerervaringen van chronische pijnpatiënten door Acceptance en Commitment Therapie

Herberg, N.J. van der (2014) De leerervaringen van chronische pijnpatiënten door Acceptance en Commitment Therapie.

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Abstract:Introduction: 18 percent of the population in Europe suffers from a form of chronic pain. Chronic pain has a negative impact on daily functioning. Research (Bekkering, et al, 2011) shows that 79 percent of the patients have the feeling they have not been adequately treated for their disease. There’s a special therapy, suited for people with chronic pain: acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Various studies have shown that ACT is an effective treatment for patients with chronic pain (Vowles, McCracken, & O'Brien, 2011). This research investigates what aspects of ACT are helpful for patients, by analyzing the learning experiences that patients gained by ACT. To get a clearer view on the learning experiences from the therapy, the patient group fibromyalgia is selected. This group is used to see the influences of a specific disease onto the learning experiences that are gained. Method: In this study, fourteen patients who followed ACT are investigated. The fourteen patients were interviewed during and after the therapy. This study investigates the final interviews, which were conducted six weeks after therapy. The interviews were focused on learning experiences that respondents have gained as a result of the therapy. The learning experiences are explored through qualitative research, according to the grounded theory. The patient group fibromyalgia consists of three out of the fourteen respondents analyzed in this study. The patients with fibromyalgia are selected because the group is fairly homogeneous. This makes the investigation onto the influences of the disease on learning experiences more reliable. The analysis of the interviews was done by two researchers. They discussed their analysis to increase the reliability of the founded encoding scheme. Results: The encoding scheme is drawn up, based on the fourteen final interviews. The encoding scheme is suitable for all fourteen respondents. The analysis shows that the fourteen respondents have gained learning experiences in the areas of: acceptance, activity, the self and relationships. All patients gained learning experiences on all areas, except for the area acceptance and relationships. Most learning experiences are gained within the category activity, then the self, then relationships, and then the least learning experiences are gained within acceptance. The patient group fibromyalgia gained the most learning experiences in the category activity, then the self, then relationships and then the least experiences are gained within acceptance. Not all patients gained learning experiences on the area of acceptance. All patients with fibromyalgia have gained the most learning experiences on movement within the category activity. Furthermore, the learning experiences within the other categories vary more between the three patients. Conclusion: The learning experiences on the categories: acceptance, activities and the self, contain aspects of the six core processes where ACT is based on (S. Hayes, Luoma, Bond, Masuda, & Lillis, 2006). The physical aspect of activities plays an important role in the learning experiences from the patients. The physical part of the multidisciplinary treatment of rehabilitation centre Roessingh provides learning experiences. Finally, there are learning experiences in relation to healthcare professionals, the therapy group, and the environment. There is no attention for the effect of relations with others, in the theory of ACT. For future research it would be recommended to learn more about the effects of relationships on patients with chronic pain and the impact of the various disciplines, like counseling, physiotherapy and psychology, in the therapy on patients with chronic pain.
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Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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