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Het perspectief van health professionals op kwaliteit van leven van COPD-patiënten.

Eijhuisen, J.H.H. (2014) Het perspectief van health professionals op kwaliteit van leven van COPD-patiënten.

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Abstract:Introduction: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common lung disease which causes a decline in quality of life (QoL) of the patient. There is a lot of research which focused on the perspective of the COPD-patient by assessments of QoL. However, for a good treatment of this disease it is also important to assess QoL of the patients from the perspective of the health professional. The current research examines the health professionals thoughts about which domains of QoL COPD-patients find most important. The researcher also examined whether the different health disciplines chose different domains of QoL. Methods: A total of thirteen health professionals were included in this research: six pulmonologists, two general practitioners, three nurse practitioners and two physiotherapists. The average age was 51 years old (SD = 10,6) and on average they were specialized in COPD for 12,1 years (SD = 7,2). The researcher conducted a semi-structured interview by using a pre-established interview scheme about the influence of COPD on the QoL of the patients. The researcher used a tunnel-shaped approach to ensure a good interview structure. This approach is recommended by Brod et al. (2009). By using open questions, the researcher collected the health professionals perspectives and most important domains which they consider relevant for QoL in COPD. Next the spectrum narrowed and the health professionals chose the five most important domains out of the sixteen PROMIS-domains of QoL. The interviews were recorded and transcribed word-for-word. Then units were selected. These where interpreted, labeled and encoded by using an encoding scheme. Next themes and sub-themes were composed. In the quantitative part of this research the researcher analyzed the total frequency of the PROMIS-domains. The researcher also looked for possible differences in domain choices between the health disciplines. Results: About half of the health professionals thought the degree of influence of COPD on QoL depends on the stadium of the disease. Still the characteristics of the patient are often more important for QoL than the stadium of the disease. These characteristics could be physical, social of psychological. The most frequently chosen PROMIS-domains are ‘fatigue’, ‘physical functioning’, ‘emotional support’, ‘depression’ and ‘satisfaction with social roles and activities’. There was a minor difference in chosen domains among the health disciplines. Conclusion: According to the health professionals, characteristics of the individual COPD-patient are more important for QoL than the stadium of the disease. Instinctively the health professionals feel that psychological and social domains play a role in QoL, but they don’t know how to express this feeling. Beside physical domains like ‘fatigue’ and ‘physical functioning’, psychological domains like ‘emotional support’, ‘depression’ and ‘satisfaction with social roles and activities’ are even so important for QoL. If we look at the differences in chosen domains between the health disciplines these differences were small.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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