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Ontwikkeling van een ernstmonitor voor misdrijven in de context van slachtoffer-daderbemiddeling

Schreurs, W. (2014) Ontwikkeling van een ernstmonitor voor misdrijven in de context van slachtoffer-daderbemiddeling.

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Abstract:This research is a follow-up of a study in which a crime seriousness instrument was developed in the context of victim-offender mediation. By using this instrument, Victim in Focus (the organization who covers victim-offender mediation in The Netherlands) is able to differentiate and standardize their policy in response to the seriousness of the offense in a case. It is investigated which combination of subjective and objective dimensions, which according to the literature underlie the seriousness of crimes, can determine the perceived crime seriousness in the best way. This was determined by comparing the seriousness scores of the above method with a second method, which is based on criminal data and considered to be a reasonably objective measure of crime seriousness. In addition, some adjustments to the research were made in order to increase the reliability of the instrument which can be used by Victim in Focus to monitor the seriousness of crimes. The method based on criminal data is improved by using more recent data, and by only basing the criminal data on first offenders who are convicted on a single offence, in which a personal victim was involved. On the basis of these two methods it is also investigated how serious the crimes are in the cases which are handled by the organization Victim in Focus. The results show that eight features form the best combination to determine the seriousness of crimes in an easy and fast way. These dimensions are wrongfulness, the amount of damage, emotional damage, potential damage, physical injuries, provocation by the victim, the seriousness of the used violence and the use of a weapon. By answering eight questions concerning the eight dimensions, it becomes possible to determine the seriousness of a crime in a fast and easy way. Secondly, it is shown that the cases handled by Victim in Focus are on average significantly higher in comparison with the seriousness of all crimes concerning a personal victim committed in The Netherlands. For example, 14,5% of the cases of Victim in Focus belongs in the most serious category of crime seriousness in comparison with 1,5% of all the cases concerning a personal victim committed in The Netherlands.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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