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Positieve betekenisconstructie binnen identiteitsherinneringen

Schwaiger, T. (2014) Positieve betekenisconstructie binnen identiteitsherinneringen.

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Abstract:Background: The present study is an explorative study, which searches for the different kinds of positive meaning making within self- defining memories. Therefore a system of categories for the different meanings was constructed. Subsequently, the relations between those categories and the three remaining dimensions (content, valence and specificity) were analyzed. Object of research and base for the system of categories were 355 self- defining memories to which the participants attached a positive meaning. Method: The present study is part of an already running research project on self defining memories and mental health. It consists of three different measurement moments and data is collected by means of the Self Defining Memory Task (SDMT). In the course of the first measurement moment, 313 participants described self defining memories with a positive meaning. On the basis of this data set, both a quantitative and a qualitative analysis were conducted. At first, the empirical information – self-defining memories- were used to set up a system of categories. Afterwards, frequency analysis was used to search for patterns within the categories and the content-, valence-, and specificity dimension. Results: A total of ten categories were deduced from the quantitative analysis. Those ten categories are composed of nine meaning categories and one rest category. Furthermore, a relationship between category and valence as well as category and content was found. Only specificity did not relate to category. Discussion: The developed system of categories appears to be a good match with the categories found in literature. On the basis of the self- defining memories with a positive meaning, two additional kinds of meaning making were found – turning point and impact. The relationships between category and content and category and valence correspond with findings from literature and gave new information. Thus, the results of this study should be understood as paving the way for further research.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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