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Van het verleden naar de toekomst : psychologische processen in narratieve toekomstverbeelding

Sowa, M. (2014) Van het verleden naar de toekomst : psychologische processen in narratieve toekomstverbeelding.

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Abstract:Goal: With the rise of positive psychology, the well-being of individuals become more and more focus of attention of psychological research. Narrative futuring seems one way to increase well-being in humans. Although neuropsychological studies show that futuring and remembering are related processes with a lot of parallels, there is remarkably less known about futuring than about reminiscence and its functions. In order to change this and to gain more insights in the working mechanisms of futuring, this study focuses on the psychological processes which are relevant for narrative futuring. Method: The used method of measurement for narrative futuring was the 'letter from the future'. A total of 480 letters were collected online and qualitatively analyzed and grouped in a classification system for different sorts of futuring. Furthermore a smaller sample of 96 letters were analyzed in order to develop an additional classification system of psychological functions in futuring, which is related to the reminiscence functions. In the third step of the analysis the two classification systems were coupled with each other to make potential relations viewable. Results: The results show that futuring contains at least six different forms of the existing classification system for futuring. In addition, a potential seventh form was found, of which it was impossible to identify the imagined time period. Eleven different functions of futuring are identified. Future identity, death preparation, path description, hand out advice, conciliative or confronting conversation and intimity maintainance belong to the reminiscence related functions. To the independent ones belong exciting story, motivation appeal, moral societal appeal, pleasant anticipation and hope and pacification. Regarding the relationship between the sort of futuring and its function, there was no clear pattern found in the course of this study. Conclusion: Futuring is a complex phenomena containing a great functionality. It requires more anticipating ability than remembering does and implies more than formulating goals. Moreover the sorts of futuring as well as the functions seem to have a big influence on this phenomena, which are not yet completely studied. Furthermore the knowledge gained through future studies can help to raise well-being possible through the functional use of futuring.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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