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De effecten van een multicomponente positief psychologische interventie op welbevinden en zelfcompassie : resultaten van een RCT

Wilbrink, L.F. (2014) De effecten van een multicomponente positief psychologische interventie op welbevinden en zelfcompassie : resultaten van een RCT.

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Abstract:Background: One of the core objectives of mental health care is achieving an increase in well-being. On top of this, self-compassion has become a prominent concept in today's society. The enhancement of both well-being and self-compassion are known to cause positive effects, such as improved psychological health. Consequently, several interventions were already developed in order to increase a person’s level of well-being and self-compassion, however, up to now these interventions did not show large significant effects and did not consist of different components. Additionally, there were not enough interventions that enhanced flourishing. Based on this observation the self -help intervention ‘This is your life, experience the effects of the positive psychology’ was developed, which includes components that enhance well-being, self-compassion and flourishing. The primary objective of this study is based upon this intervention approach with the primary goal to investigate whether the participants of the intervention group developed improved well-being and self-compassion after following this self-help intervention. The secondary objective of this study was to examine if age had a moderating effect on self-compassion. Method: A total of 275 participants were randomly assigned to an experimental group or a waiting list control group. The self-help intervention consisted of reading and completing assignments from eight book chapters with e-mail counselling. A Master of Psychology student was assigned to the participants in the intervention group as a personal counsellor. This student received guidance from a professional psychologist from the University of Twente. The e-mails from the personal counsellor served as a support for the participant to develop new insights into themselves. The participants completed baseline questionnaires (T0) prior to the course on the post-test (T1) questionnaires upon completion of the course to measure wellbeing (MHC-SF), flourishing (Flourishing Scale) and self-compassion (Self-Compassion Scale). Results: The intervention group that followed the self-help intervention showed on T1 a greater increase in emotional well-being, social well-being, psychological well-being and flourishing than the waiting list control group. There was also a difference in self-compassion between the intervention group and the waiting list control group. A moderation analysis showed no moderation effect of the intervention on self-compassion. Conclusion: This study shows that by utilising the self-help intervention 'This is your life, experience the effects of positive psychology' with multiple components increases in well-being, self-compassion and flourishing were noted. A limitation of this study is that most of the participants were female and most were highly educated. More research is needed to properly gauge the long lasting effects and how to obtain a broader spectrum of participants, such as men or the lesser educated.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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