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Closing the gap between the current and potential conditions in the cocoa (production) industry : comparing Colombia and Mexico

Fluck, Caroline (2014) Closing the gap between the current and potential conditions in the cocoa (production) industry : comparing Colombia and Mexico.

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Abstract:This thesis aims to identify business strategies to close the gap between the current and the potential conditions in the cocoa production industry, comparing the situations in Colombia and Mexico. On the basis of meaningful background information of the countries and their cocoa industry, potential business strategies to improve the farmer’s negotiation power as well as B2B Marketing strategies to ensure a fair and sustainable cocoa business were examined. In addition, drivers and barriers that support or hinder fair and sustainable cocoa production were considered, to have a greater picture beyond the borders of the cocoa industry. To make the analysis complete, the local experts and cocoa producers from both countries were invited to share their impressions, opinions and ideas by answering two surveys, which were tailored appropriately to the purpose of this paper. Overall, in Colombia, the most significant business strategy is the establishment of Strategic Alliances. Nonetheless, also Diversification, Horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, In-House Production and Niche Market Targeting play an important role, while Local Exchange and Trading Systems (LETS) and Share Acquisition are currently not being commonly in Colombia. In terms of B2B Marketing Strategies, Certification Schemes and Buyer-Supplier Relationship-Building are most important, although also Joint Ventures and Co-Creation play a significant role in Colombia. In Mexico, the most important Business Strategies are Diversification, Strategic Alliances and Niche Market Targeting. However, also Horizontal Integration, In-House Production and Barter Economy are important strategies in Mexico, while Vertical Integration, LETS and Share Acquisition are currently not being applied in the country. In terms of B2B Marketing Strategies, Joint Ventures and Joint Ventures are of most significant importance in Mexico. Nonetheless, also the usage of Certification Schemes and Co-Creation is considered to be essential. In addition to all Business Strategies and B2B Marketing Strategies, Drivers, such as Business Ethics, Governmental, Economic and Regulatory Interventions as well as an Increase in Partnerships and Associations, and Barriers, like Food Speculation, Governmental, Economic and Regulatory Interventions, Customer Expectations, Infrastructural issues and the Concentration of Buyers have great effects on sustainability and fairness within the cocoa industry.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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