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Ontwerp en implementatie van een bloeddrukmeter in een Sanquin donorkiosk

Steen, Sjoerd van der (2014) Ontwerp en implementatie van een bloeddrukmeter in een Sanquin donorkiosk.

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Abstract:A few years ago, Sanquin started the ‘Donor Service Concept 2015’. With this project, Sanquin aimed to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of the acquisition process for blood donors. A part of this project was the design of a kiosk where donors could identify themselves and fill in a medical questionnaire. The missing part of the kiosk was a sphygmomanometer. This assignment encloses the design of this sphygmomanometer. Eventually, this way, the donor can identify himself, fill in the medical questionnaire and measure their own blood pressure. This leads to less work for the personnel, making the process more efficient. To find out the requirements of the sphygmomanometer, an analysis is performed. The correct way of measuring the blood pressure and the influences on blood pressure are investigated. Also some different sphygmomanometers on the market are examined. At the end of the analysis, a design brief was set up to establish the requirements of the final design. The most important requirements: The donor must be able to perform a blood pressure measurement self-reliantly, it has to be clear for the donor which actions must be performed and the design must provide a correct posture during the blood pressure measurement. The choice in the idea-phase was to quickly generate a few specific ideas for an upcoming project meeting. A few solutions on the market were used in three different ideas. One idea was the use of a normal cuff, the second one used a wrist blood pressure monitor and in the third idea an automatic cuff was used. During the meeting, none of the ideas turned out viable. The normal cuff would be too difficult for the donor to use, the wrist monitor was medically unviable and the automatic cuff would be too expensive and vulnerable. Shortly after the project meeting, a meeting with a manufacturer of sphygmomanometers, Microlife, took place. During this meeting, it became clear that Microlife was interested in supplying a device for this project, the Microlife BP A6 PC. This meter is connectable to the pc and uses a preformed upper arm cuff. This makes this sphygmomanometer viable for this project. For the donors to actually use the meter, two systems need to be added. A system to open and close the cuff, the cuff holder, and a system to move the cuff in height, the height system. Both systems have been elaborated to drafts via different steps. For the cuff holder, a final draft is chosen. For the height system, a draft was chosen that was most suitable for the production with limited resources and time. A prototype of the chosen systems was produced. With the prototype a research has been performed. The goal of the research was to establish whether the prototype could be used without help and if the prototype influenced the blood pressure measurement. This research was performed with 15 subjects. The most important conclusions, given these results, were the feedback on the height system and the impact of the prototype on the measurement. Most people had trouble using the height system, also the subjects had trouble judging the correct height of the cuff holder. The results of the measurements showed the prototype did not affect the measurement. With the results and feedback from the research, the design is adjusted, also the most chosen height system is integrated in the design. This lead to the final design. This design meets most of the requirements. The requirements that were not met, are due to lack of the interaction with the tablet. This was not elaborated in this project.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Sanquin Bloedvoorziening, Amsterdam, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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