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Ontwikkeling van een hardware-rack ten behoeve van een duurzaam, modulair datacenter

Slotman, Vincent (2014) Ontwikkeling van een hardware-rack ten behoeve van een duurzaam, modulair datacenter.

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Abstract:Data centers are a vital component in our society. Most of the computing power available from computers is supplied from these datacenters. However, the equipment in and around these centers use a lot of energy. The purpose of this assignment is to design an energy-efficient server rack, which is more efficient in terms of power-use and cooling than current solutions. The server rack will be designed for use in and is specifically designed for cooling through ventilation with filtered, uncooled air. In order to design an efficient power supply, five different topologies are compared, after which the most efficient solution is to be applied in the final design of the server rack. For cooling, a theoretical model was constructed which makes it possible to calculate how well a server is cooled depending on the flow rate of the air. This model will be used to evaluate different types of ducting and chassis. The theoretical model has been verified and corrected on the basis of wind tunnel experiments. Ultimately, this model is used for the determination of an efficient solution for passive cooling of the server rack. Finally, based on the requirements to the server rack, a choice is made for the exact design, materials and construction method. The costs of all this is calculated. It is expected that through this new type of server rack significant cost savings can be realized.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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