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Self-Monitoring, product type, friends and brand-related activities on facebook

Kestermann, H.K. (2014) Self-Monitoring, product type, friends and brand-related activities on facebook.

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Abstract:Giving a like on a brand-related Facebook page happens each day thousand times. You come across a brand-related Facebook page and click the like button most of the time without thinking about it more than a few seconds. Maybe it’s a brand you already know, and which you like. Maybe then you see some interesting new video of the brand on the page and view it (consuming), and share it with your friends (contributing). Maybe some of your friends think it would be cool to make an own video for the brand and you decide to take part in that video (creating). These are all familiar brand-related online activities in which each and every one of us had already taken part in at some time. The study at hand aims to answer the question how our self-monitoring, the product type of the advertised product on brand-related Facebook pages and the number of given friend likes can actually influence our online brand-related actions. The study was carried out with a questionnaire spread via Facebook. In total 251 respondents took part in the study. Results show that the more hedonic the advertised product was and the more friends already liked the brand-related Facebook page, the more willing are people to spend time and effort on the brand by consuming, contributing and creating brand-related content. Self-monitoring had only an effect on the consuming and contributing dimension of brand-related actions. This study gives a better understanding of the reasons why people decide to take part in brand-related actions via Facebook (consuming, contributing and creating). To get more brand-related actions of consumers on Facebook, companies should aim to attract as many people as possible, so that their friends also decide to spend time on their brand-related Facebook page.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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