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The effects of region-of-origin as product cue on consumers’ product evaluation for different product categories

Klumpers, R.A.J. (2014) The effects of region-of-origin as product cue on consumers’ product evaluation for different product categories.

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Abstract:Nowadays brands make extensive use of the region-of-origin in their marketing efforts. The influence of using a certain place in advertising and the effects on the evaluation of a product has mainly been studied from a country-of-origin perspective. The research on the effects of using a region as place of origin on consumers’ product evaluation is very scarce and only focusses on food products. This study investigated if using the region-of-origin besides food products is also effective for electronic products. Another distinction is made between hedonic products (exclusive) and utilitarian products (common). This resulted in a 2 (type of advertisement: regional vs. non-regional) x2 (type of product: food products vs. electronic products) x2 (consumer goal: hedonic vs. utilitarian) between subjects design. The effects of region-of-origin were examined on different dependent variables; attitude towards the product, purchase intention, recommendation likelihood, attitude towards the advertisement and authenticity. Sense of belonging to a region was measured to test if consumers’ sense of belonging to a region positively influences their product evaluation and purchase intention of regional products. Stimulus material has been developed to test the effects of region-of-origin. Eight advertisements were developed of which four were non-regional and four were regional advertisements. 240 respondents participated in this study. Data has been gathered by the use of an online questionnaire. Results demonstrate that regional advertisements score significantly higher than non-regional advertisements. The scores on several dependent variables show that regional advertising is more effective for food products than for electronic products. Also the scores on several scales show that regional advertising for food products is more effective in combination with a utilitarian product than in combination with a hedonic product. Furthermore a significant relationship between sense of belonging to a region and purchase intention showed that when consumers are attached to a region this will enhances consumers’ intention to purchase products from that region. In conclusion can be said that for food products regional advertising looks like a very valuable and effective way of advertising. For electronic products the use of the region-of-origin is found to be less effective. This research also contains marketing implications and opportunities for future research.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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