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Modeling of protein secretion by cells

Baumgartner, Wolfgang (2014) Modeling of protein secretion by cells.

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Abstract:Protein secretion by cells can be measured with surface plasmon resonance. However, based on the fact that the protein immobilized on the sensor surface and the produced protein are specific to each other, this method only measures the produced protein that binds to the surface. It was unknown beforehand how much protein doesn't reach the SPR sensor and stays in the bulk of the cell medium. To find out about this, a model was devised that sufficiently re ected the practical experiment and led to a simulation. From this simulation, it can be concluded that, under given circumstances, 99.1% of the total cell product binds to the surface. Therefore, single cell SPR measurements are an accurate way to determine cell production rates.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:42 biology
Programme:Biomedical Technology BSc (56226)
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