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ccNexfin System: A New Interface Design

Wieringa, C.A. (2014) ccNexfin System: A New Interface Design.

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Abstract:The assignment for this bachelor thesis was to discover guidelines for the ccNexfin user interface which contributes to make the user interface more intuitive and more consistent to prevent possible disastrous failures. First, research was done about what the ccNexfin system measures and how it functions. An analysis has been done on the current user interface to map the menus and their product functions. During this mapping process conclusions were drawn of good and improvable product functions. Second, the context of use and the stakeholders were analyzed to get requirements about in what sort of context the system should work and what the users their interests are. A short analysis is done on competitors. Only a short description is given of the functioning of the competitors system. Most of the attention went to the competitors’ user interfaces. A comparison was made and notable differences and similarities were written down. A heuristic evaluation and usability test/expert review was done in order map the major usability issues of the current user interface. Out of these results conclusions have been drawn about what needed to be improved to make the user interface more intuitive and consistent. Out of all the previous research requirements have been set up to use during further concept generation. New user interface ideas have been made with a new graphical style and some new interaction possibilities. Also new interface features which were discovered as desirable by participants of the usability test were sketched. Three different concepts were generated out of the previous ideas. These concepts contain another style, color scheme and menu visualizations. The three concepts which were generated were evaluated by doing a second usability test with experts. Out of the results of these tests conclusions were drawn about what elements the final concept should contain. After finding a way to fit in all positive points of the previous three concepts the final concept was generated. This final concept can be used by Benchmark to exhibit to their clients. Conclusions have been made to evaluate the guidelines which were discovered during the research and design process. Recommendations have been made for possible final iteration options and further interesting research options.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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