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Very sharp bends with a metal aided KYb0.475Gd0.447Lu0.078(WO4)2 ridge waveguide

Dubbink, Teus (2012) Very sharp bends with a metal aided KYb0.475Gd0.447Lu0.078(WO4)2 ridge waveguide.

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Abstract:Combination of rare-earth doped KYb0.475Gd0.447Lu0.078(WO4)2 gain material with plasmonic waveguides could pave the way to very small, low loss bends that could become building blocks for very interesting nanophotonic devices. KYb0.475Gd0.447Lu0.078(WO4)2 is a monoclinic crystalline material with three different optical axes. The effect of this anisotropy on the bending losses has not been studied in detail before. In this work, a metal aided KYb0.475Gd0.447Lu0.078(WO4)2 ridge waveguide structure is proposed and propagation losses for very small bends are investigated using two-dimensional finite-differences mode-solving techniques and three-dimensional finite difference time domain software. It was obtained that the bendlosses for the TE mode at l=1.55 mm are reduced with respect to the purely photonic counterpart of the proposed structure, for a bending radius smaller than 2.5 mm. It is observed that the anisotropy of the KYb0.475Gd0.447Lu0.078(WO4)2 ridge does not introduce additional losses. At the end, it is concluded that the mode-solving software can be used to simulate the proposed structure despite the anisotropy of the waveguide.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Nanotechnology MSc (60028)
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