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Applied game: Een spel ter ondersteuning van de behandeling van een spanningsregulatiestoornis

Bruintjes, Maudy Jiska (2014) Applied game: Een spel ter ondersteuning van de behandeling van een spanningsregulatiestoornis.

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Abstract:An applied game is defined as a game with a bigger purpose than mere entertainment. The game has an educational value as well. This can be applied to healthcare, business and education. Center for Applied Games is a company that specializes in designing and developing applied games for these sectors. In co-operation with the Mental Healthcare Institute in Eindhoven (GGzE), the Game Solutions Lab was created. After an exploration by Center for Applied Games in the mental healthcare, it turned out there is a need for a game during the treatment of patients with stress regulation issues. As a response to this need, an analysis has been made of the exact role of an applied game, the targetgroup, stress measurement techniques and previously designed concepts for a game for stress regulation. According to this analysis, a schedule of requirements has been set up, which is used as a guideline for creating new concepts. There have been made six of these concepts. These have been compared to the system of requirements, after which one concept has been chosen to elaborate upon, following the feedback given by experts. The chosen concept concerns a music game, a game in which the player has to touch the symbols shown on the screen according to the rhythm of the self-chosen music, at the moment they light up. The game gives the player real-time feedback on his stress level, which is measured by heart rate, facial expression and body language. This will be accomplished by using the Kinect 2.0. The keyword in this project is empowerment: the player is entitled to make many decisions in-game. These decisions consist of the music, the way in which the game responds to a high stress level and the game play. The game also collects and saves data from the player, which can be reviewed in a personal account. This creates the opportunity to see the personal progress that has been made. Even though the client and the experts were positive about the concept so far, it still requires some adjustments and additions before it is suitable for testing. To do so, a fully working prototype will also be required. This prototype will be made in the future by Center for Applied Games. For this assignment only a limited implementation has been made to serve as proof of concept.
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Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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