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De ontwikkeling van een applied game concept ter ondersteuning van de behandeling van middelenproblematiek

Sesink, Joska (2015) De ontwikkeling van een applied game concept ter ondersteuning van de behandeling van middelenproblematiek.

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Abstract:Substance dependence or abuse is a common problem among clients in GGZ institutions and regular drug habilitation centres. These clients require extra support during their treatment. Therefore the goal of this bachelor assignment is the development of an applied game concept that supports clients during their recovery. The game aims at clients with dual diagnosis, but can also be used by clients with a singular diagnosis. The game has been designed for clients in the phase of their addiction in which they are motivated to recover and are willing to take action. To be able to develop an applied game concept for this target group research was performed on substance dependence and abuse, the treatment of substance dependence and abuse and the needs and wishes of the target group. Treatment is aimed at the maintenance of client motivation, the development of resistance skills that teach how to deal with craving, the development of social skills that can improve the social position of the client and the improvement of a stable environment. The client has to develop on all aspects of the treatment in order to be able to recover successfully from addiction problems. Within this assignment the focus lies on the development of resistance skills and motivation. It is desirable that the game concept supports the client on the other treatment aspects. Moreover, research towards applied games has been performed to gain insight in the development of such a game. This knowledge has been used to develop two concepts that explore different possible solutions in which all treatment aspects are represented. The concepts have been evaluated with experts and experience experts and compared the support of the client, suitability for treatment and gameplay. The game concept most suitable for further development is a combination of elements of these two concepts. The game concept that has been developed supports the client during a craving to prevent relapse and helps evaluating these cravings to offer the client insight in the causes of the craving and to teach him how to deal with these. Moreover the game supports the client with his personal development and improvement of his environment by making use of goals and challenges. The different game elements have been integrated in a way that the client will be motivated and challenged to tackle his addiction problems and change his behaviour. The game gives the user insight into the progress he makes within his rehabilitation process. The development of the game concept has resulted in a (partially) functional prototype, which has been used to evaluate the results with experts and experience experts. There was a positive response on the game and it can be concluded the requirements and wishes are met with this game concept.
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Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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