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De invloed van beveiligingsmaatregelen op waarneming

Damink, M.T. (2015) De invloed van beveiligingsmaatregelen op waarneming.

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Abstract:The subject of this bachelorthesis is safety and measures taken to improve subjective and objective safety. In the Netherlands this is in fact an important theme in the daily lives of many. To increase safety, security camera’s will be placed in many places in the Netherlands. But does this always has a positive effect on safety feelings? Many studies say yes, but many also claim that the presence of security cameras actually leads to feelings of unsafety. The current study researches whether security cameras have a positive or negative effect on feelings of safety and how this has a further effect. The experiment tested whether this has had an impact on memorizing safety-related cues and assessing ambiguous situations. There were 76 students participated in the experiment. These were randomly assigned to the two different conditions, the camera condition and the non-camera condition. The participants all got to see a video. However, the camera condition was shown a video of an environment in which continuous security cameras in the picture can be seen and the non-camera condition got exactly the same video to see where all the images on security cameras where cut. Next, all participants were given a questionnaire to fill in how they rated the environment as safe, how safe they felt during the experiment and how they evaluated the ambiguous situations. From the results it is shown that the participants in the camera condition asses the environment and the ambiguous situations as more positively. However, there was no difference between the two conditions regarding the withholding of safety-related cues and the state of mind during the investigation. In this study, security cameras thus have a positive effect on feelings of safety.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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