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The flourishing scale in comparison with other well-being scales : the examination and validation of a new measure

Rump, S. (2015) The flourishing scale in comparison with other well-being scales : the examination and validation of a new measure.

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Abstract:The Flourishing Scale is a measure that assesses mental well-being by means of a Positive Psychology approach. The scale was designed in 2009 and there is still a lack of validation and examination work with regard to this 8-item questionnaire. The present study picks up this need for examination and validation and applies several methods to evaluate the Flourishing Scale´s value in practice. The empirical unidimensionality of the measure was assessed with a Principal Component Analysis. Furthermore, exploratory factor analysis helped to point out mutual underlying factors that are shared with two other positive mental health scales. With regard to the two-continua model, which makes a distinction between positive mental health and mental illness, several scales were used to illustrate the difference of these concepts with the help of correlation analyses. The congruence of the social-psychological aspects of the Flourishing Scale with a measure of social needs was examined. Finally, the scale´s ability to predict general health above and beyond mental illness was assessed. The results confirmed most of the hypothesized assumptions. The Flourishing Scale emerged as unidimensional scale that shares measurement factors with more established positive mental health scales. In line with the distinction of psychopathology and positive mental health, it could be indicated that the scale is legitimately regarded as a positive mental health scale. Furthermore, social aspects of the Flourishing Scale and the measure of social needs showed a moderate correlation, indicating a congruence of social needs and social flourishing. Additionally, the Flourishing Scale represented a significant predictor for general health over and above the mental illness scale.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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