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Prototype for non-collinear wave mixing : software implementation

Dekker, J.J.J.W. (2015) Prototype for non-collinear wave mixing : software implementation.

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Abstract:The present work is a collaboration project that was carried out between the University Twente and WETSUS. The objective of the project called Ultrasonic Inspection of Water Distribution Mains was to develop techniques that could be used for the inline inspection of water distribution mains in the Netherlands. The water distribution mains in the Netherlands usually are made of PVC, Asbestos Cement or Cast Iron [1]. The project started with finding an effective technique for detecting material deterioration in the materials used for water distribution mains in laboratory controlled conditions. Research done by Demˇcenko [2] proved NCWM to be suitable for the identification of physical ageing in PVC. With that technique in mind a prototype has been designed and partially completed by Mainini [3] for testing in laboratory controlled conditions. This prototype itself will not leave the laboratory, but the concept will be used for making a inspection device which will be used in water mains. The prototype itself should also be able to do measurement techniques like diffuse field and pulse-echo however these techniques will not be discussed in detail since NCWM technique is more complex.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:51 materials science
Programme:Mechanical Engineering BSc (56966)
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