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Hyperspectral vibrational imaging of tumor tissue

Binsbergen, S.A. van (2015) Hyperspectral vibrational imaging of tumor tissue.

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Abstract:Presented here is the research done in course of a Master's assignment for Applied Physics, in the Optical Sciences research group at the University of Twente. Raman spectroscopy is a technique used in a wide variety of research fields including cancer research. By probing the vibrational resonances of tissue in both the specific fingerprint region as well as the stronger but more general high wavenumber region, spectral differences between healthy and cancerous tissue can be detected. While accurate, it is a very slow method. An alternative called CARS, Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering, yields results much faster but suffers from a strong non-resonant background that deforms the original Raman spectrum. This research aims to evaluate the possible use of CARS spectroscopy to distinguish cancer tissue from healthy tissue. The non-resonant background is largely dealt with by applying a modified Kramers-Kronig algorithm that isolates the resonant signal from the background. Results were very promising in the high wavenumber region while the SNR in the fingerprint region was too low for successful extraction of useful data. The retrieved spectra are displayed using a hyperspectral imaging scheme that displays more information than a standard 3-channel RGB image. In the high wavenumber region, spectral differences within tissue samples were easily shown in many results. We were unable to show that differences between healthy and cancer tissue could be detected as well due to difficulties locating tumor areas in order to perform comparative measurements. Nonetheless, we are confident that CARS can be used to distinguish tumors from healthy tissue in the high wavenumber region. With some adjustments and improvements useful operation is also expected in the fingerprint region. Recommendations for a successful continuation of the project are provided.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics MSc (60436)
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