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De Boogies : een houten speelgoedproduct dat meerdere leeftijdsfases interessant blijft voor een kind

Lagrouw, M.C. (2015) De Boogies : een houten speelgoedproduct dat meerdere leeftijdsfases interessant blijft voor een kind.

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Abstract:Van Dijk Toys is a wholesale and a factory specialized in wooden toys. A trend in children’s toys is a toy that is interesting for a longer period of time in a fun and original way. The assignment is designing a toy based on this trend. The product needs to be big, and it needs to fit in the simple and timeless style of Van Dijk Toys. Also, it has to be made of birch. The product needs to contain a CE marking and must meet the associated requirements. It must be possible to play with the product creatively, constructively, cognitively, socially and motorial, to ensure that the product will be interesting for a longer period. The specific target are children aged one to five years, who will play alone, learn to play together and will play together. The secondary targets are the parents, the retailers and schools and childcare. Previous information is included in a list of requirements. The requirements will be taken into account during the design process. The design process started with inventing ideas. The ideas were selected by testing them globally to the list of requirements. With help of the saleswoman of Van Dijk Toys, three ideas were chosen to develop into concepts. The three concepts were also tested to the list of requirements. And the opinion of the head of the fabric, the saleswom an of Van Dijk Toys and a primary school teacher wereasked about the concepts. One of the concepts scored best. This concept is improved in terms of safety. And it is detailed into an end product. The name of the product is Boogies. It consists of five curved elements. The elements can be stacked with a special attachment method. The product requires little storage, because the elements can be placed in one another. Other functions of the Boogies are a shape sorter, climbing, stool and dollhouse. There can be played with the product individually and together. The products is suitable for children from the age of one to seven. This is a long time compared to other products of Van Dijk Toys. The produces will be manufactured in two faces. First the parts will be produced and then they will be assembled. The price of the product is calculated by estimating the production costs. The product will cost €140,- for the consumer. It is recommended to produce one copy of the product in the factory, before the product will be brought to the market. This copy should be tested on safety. It should also be used by primary and secondary targets to test their interest in the product.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Van Dijk Toys BV, Terschuur, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:10 humanities in general
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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