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Falling in love with your favourite brand : relationship between brand consciousness, public self-consciousness, and brand love intensity

Getkate, D. (2015) Falling in love with your favourite brand : relationship between brand consciousness, public self-consciousness, and brand love intensity.

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Abstract:Brand love has become an important research topic since several studies have shown that brand love can lead to considerable benefits for companies. However, although the interest in this topic suggests that brand love is an important marketing topic, little agreement exists how brand love does really manifest itself among consumers. This research investigates what types of consumers could fall in love with their favourite brand and therefore examines to what extent brand consciousness and public self-consciousness influence consumers’ level of brand love intensity. Besides, this study investigates the role of brand visibility in brand love relationships. An online questionnaire was designed to test whether consumers loved their favourite brands among the four product categories clothing, electronics, foods, and personal care. Although there were no significant differences between the brand love intensity scores of each product category, the results show that subject’s brand love score for food brands was the highest while clothing brands were least loved. Additionally, the findings suggest that visible brands are more loved than invisible brands. With regard to what types of consumers are suitable or sensitive for developing brand love relationships, this research reveals that brand conscious consumers tend to develop more intense love relationships with brands than consumers who are less or not brand conscious. Furthermore, this study demonstrates that high publicly self-conscious people tend to score higher on brand love intensity than low publicly self-conscious consumers. Brand managers and marketers should take these findings into consideration when to develop the design of the packaging of a brand, the content of advertisements, or the desired image of the company or product. In fact, paying attention to the visible aspects of a brand allows consumers to enhance their social image and to express their actual self which will result in lasting brand love relationships.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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