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Airstacking machine

Idsardi, A.N. and Witjes, B. and Hengeveld, G.R. (2015) Airstacking machine.

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Abstract:Background: Patients with a restriction in the use of the muscles associated with the respiratory system are prone to complications. To prevent these complications a technique called airstacking has been developed. This technique requires the manual use of a resuscitator. However for some patients with restrictions in the hand function, airstacking is only possible with help of a caregiver. Design: To make the procedure of airstacking more available and comfortable fo r the patients with limited hand function, it was decided to develop an airstacking machine. However, before a design would be made, a validation of the technique of airstacking was needed. A small group of patients at the hospital showed a definite increa se in maximum airflow. This indicates that airstacking works and validates the request for a machine. In the development it was decided to use a resuscitator as a base, as this is currently used to airstack and therefore a proven concept. Experiments were done to find the most optimal shape of the pressure piece and method to generate the compressing motion. Several principles of compression and transmission have been considered, but it has been found that curved pressure pieces in combination with a toothed rack were the most viable construction for the prototype. Conclusion: Patients with a lowered PCF will benefit from airstacking. For patients with a disability in their hand function this technique is impossible to do. Therefore a machine was designed, taking into account the patient specific adaptability of the machine. At this moment the machine is in its construction phase and cannot be assembled and tested yet. Therefore no final conclusions can be made at this moment. If the machine is proven to wor k, it will, without a doubt, be an improvement for the patients with a limitation in hand function who require airstacking.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
UMC Utrecht
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Technical Medicine BSc (50033)
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