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Brand logo modifications: Adhering to traditionalism, or pursuing modernity?

Molenaar, Jorrit (2015) Brand logo modifications: Adhering to traditionalism, or pursuing modernity?

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Abstract:Aim - Brand logos are considered to be important elements as identification and in representing a company to stakeholders. A trend is to strive for a more modern brand appearance by rejuvenating the brand logo. This study’s aim is to examine the extent to which companies do well to switch from a traditional- to modern brand logo. Method - A preliminary- and main study were performed in order to investigate this topic. The preliminary study revealed by means of a quantitative method that the former- and recent logos of Douwe Egberts, Peijnenburg, Mona, De Koninck, Tassimo, and Honest Tea were most suitable to incorporate in the main study. The main study aimed to examine through a quantitative approach if brands obtain a higher perceived brand modernity, attitude towards the logo and brand, brand commitment, and purchase intention by means of utilizing a modern brand logo, than by using a traditional brand logo. Findings - The main study demonstrated that brands with modern brand logos commonly achieve a higher perceived brand modernity, a more positive attitude towards the logo and brand, and a higher inclination to buy the company’s products among consumers. Moreover, it appeared that a higher familiarity with a brand logo results in a more positive attitude towards the logo, and a positive attitude towards the logo and brand leads to a higher purchase intention. Limitations and future research - Using real brands as stimuli brings potential biases. Performing similar research but with fictive brands and brand logos is therefore a recommendation. Additionally, a limitation is that the use of a quantitative method restricts to define why certain research results are what they are. Performing qualitative research more focused on logo design characteristics is another recommendation for future research. Practical implications - It can be recommended to modernize brand logos because this generally generates the most positive effects. However, prior to modifying the brand logo always observe if core brand values are congruent with modernity. Furthermore, it is advised to establish a marketing study to determine for which brand logos consumers have a positive attitude, instead of just implementing a new brand logo. Oftentimes the meaning designers allocate to a brand logo is incongruent with how consumers interpret it.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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