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Utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing as Assistance Tools for Recruiters in the Selection of Job Candidates Based on the Person-Job Fit

Flecke, Lena Katharina (2015) Utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing as Assistance Tools for Recruiters in the Selection of Job Candidates Based on the Person-Job Fit.

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Abstract:Due to the emerging nature of social networking sites (SNS) within the context of recruiting, more and more organizations have started to utilize Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing as assistance tools for recruitment processes. Employer branding and the publication of job postings on the corporate profile have become common tasks of organizations which aim to attract potential employees. However, research has rarely focused on the opportunities which SNS offer for the selection of job candidates as a prior step to recruitment. The selection of job candidates implies the necessity of identifying candidates whose knowledge, skills and personality traits are aligned with the requirements of a position. Selecting adequate candidates who fulfill these requirements comprises the concept of person-job fit, which draws on the importance of ‘fit’ between potential employees and a job. Misfits are costly as organizations face increased employee turnover and the inevitability to select and recruit new candidates in a second round. Thus, to prevent misfits, it is of importance to take every information into account which helps to evaluate candidates and accordingly, to determine the degree of person-job fit. This explorative paper aims to link the underlying concept of the person-job fit to the opportunities which are provided to recruiters by utilizing SNS as assistance tools to determine the degree of fit between a person and a job. Being aware of job requirements, recruiters can utilize social networking sites as screening mechanisms. Screening candidates’ user profiles on SNS potentially assists recruiters in determining the degree of person-fit, and hence the degree of alignment between the candidate and the position to be filled in. Moreover, exploiting SNS as marketing tools, job candidates themselves gather opportunities for self-portrayal and self-branding. To identify current and prospective potentialities of SNS to determine the person-job fit, firstly, a theoretical section draws on existing literature about this topic and secondly, an empirical section draws on findings gathered from conducting eight interviews with recruiters and consultants. The outcomes of this research are especially relevant as they provide recruiters with insights about how they might utilize SNS for selection purposes in an effective manner.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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