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The Influence of Nurses’ Individual Characteristics on Their Intention to Advise an Artificial Pancreas

Muche, Lukas (2015) The Influence of Nurses’ Individual Characteristics on Their Intention to Advise an Artificial Pancreas.

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Abstract:Diabetes is a severe chronic illness with more than 387 million people worldwide suffering from it. The medical industry is fast changing and developing devices to treat diabetes. Currently the Dutch company Inreda Diabetic B.V. develops an artificial pancreas that could significantly change the treatment of diabetes patients. Since nurses play an important role between physicians and patients, it is important to research what drives their intention to advise usage of an artificial pancreas. This is done in this paper by focusing on the individual characteristics of nurses and their influence in the perceived usefulness of the device and the resulting intention to advise it. The data revealed that not four characteristics, as proposed by the TRI, were valid, but only two: positivity and negativity. However, only positivity significantly influences perceived usefulness, negativity does not. Further, perceived usefulness has a significant positive impact on intention to advise. As the analysis revealed, there is a direct significant positive effect of positivity on intention to advise. This effect was not observed for the relationship between negativity and intention to advise. This study provides important insights for marketing theory and Inreda, since it reveals that positive characteristics of nurses, who are essential stakeholders of the company, indeed influence their intention to advise the AP. Furthermore, the Technology Readiness Acceptance Model was used, whereby different influencing factors than the ones researched in earlier investigations were found. This change of the model requires further analysis by future research in order to control its integrity.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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