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Redesign of the playpen

Dongen, J. van (2015) Redesign of the playpen.

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Abstract:Objectives The main objective of this thesis concerns the redesign of the playpen, adjusted to the needs of the users in the playpen market, by means of co-creation with playpen end users. The foreign market will be researched in order to make a proposal for an introduction of the playpen abroad. Needs and possible improvements are extracted and so a redesign can be formed and be proposed to HLB. Execution In order to obtain the objectives stated, the thesis is split up in four main parts. The main parts are divided into sub parts, starting with the market of HLB. Stakeholders need to be managed closely, Porter’s five forces suggest not to introduce the playpen to a market which is already saturated, unless the product has unique selling points and is so able to distinguish itself from competitors. Features of the baby product market are characterized by a saturated market, with heavy competition. Characteristics of the playpen are its square shape, use of wooden materials and primarily white colouring. Price ranges are divers. Consumers desire an emotional connection to the product, wherein storytelling by the company plays an important part. Legislations restrict on the design and use of the playpen, namely through dimensions and use of materials. The furniture sector undergoes heavy competition, mainly from Asia. The made in Europe trend works in HLB’s favour. The foreign playpen usage is plotted by means of an online questionnaire. Its results are questioned. Chapter two starts with an elaboration on the research method called co-creation. By switching roles with user and designer new ideas are to be formed through toolkits which contain say, do and make exercises. A subject-specific co-creation toolkit is formed and subsequently applied to five families with a baby. Current activities are recorded, memories on the use of the playpen are recalled, possibilities for the future are extracted and artifacts for the future are formed. Results The outcomes of the co-creation sessions result in the input for a redesign of the playpen, together with the information gathered in the first chapter. A program of requirements is composed and from here, redesigns are made. Concepts are formed through this thesis proposed to HLB. The thesis closes with conclusions, recommendations and critical reflections.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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