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Online gebruikersplatform voor TJOONER

Bunk, L. (2015) Online gebruikersplatform voor TJOONER.

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Abstract:This report is a result of the bachelor assignment, fulfilled for JCC Software. This company develops, delivers and realizes software standards for userfriendly systems. One of those systems is TJOONER. Users are able to design the reproduction of a screen and manage the user interaction between the humans and the screen. The application is mainly used in municipalities, but also in pharmacies and hospitals. It is to the advantage of the company that userinteraction will be enhanced. This formed the existence of the assignment. Goal: The goal of the project is defined by the company as follows: ‘Designing an online userplatform for users of the narrowcastingsoftware ‘TJOONER’. This goal is reached by doing research about improving the interactions between the platform and the user. What do users and JCC Software expect? In which way conforms the platform these expectations? What do the users and JCC Software think of plans of the platform? In which way could the platform be developed? Structure assignment: Comprehension in these questions is found by conversations with employers of JCC Software and by interviewing the users about the current program TJOONER. This followed up into concrete expectations. Together with results of literature research, market research and evaluations of the current program, these expactations led to guidelines for the design of the userplatform. Plans voor the userplatforms are presented to JCC Software. These plans with their comments developed into proposals with prototypes. The prototypes are tested bij the users. Results followed to a recommendation for the further development of the platform. Result of research: Out of a conversation with JCC Software became that it is able to realize the sustain for the users not just online but also in the program TJOONER. Out of the users research came that the preference of users goes to the implementation of the userplatform in the program. Another result out of that research is that different types of users do make use of TJOONER. Every type has specific goals concerning the program. This result is involved in the further process of the assignment by constructing them to persona’s. The persona’s goals will be used in designing the platform and they could help in evaluating the total assignment afterwards. All results untill now are converted into guidelines for the designing by doing a functionanalysis. Continually, maded plans are presented to the company. With that is reconsidered that the sustain for the users could also be implemented at both the program and online. This resulted in a proposal with two different variations. One of them consists of sustaining within the program and one of them consists of sustaining inside and outside the program. These variations are build up to prototypes in the program ‘Blend for Visual Studio’. Within the prototypes, functionalities are tested and the two variations are shown. Recommendation: The preference of the users out of the prototype test is the variation with the sustain both online and in the program. Users thought the prototype as a useful development, but they still gave a lot of recommendations for functional elements. They concern functionalities, extension of fuctionalities and userfriendly design. Results are conferred with JCC Software and specified in the recommendation. Some of these results are build in the final prototype for recommendation and some of the results where to large to realize and will remain a textual recommendation for the company. The recommendation forms a fundamental research of results which helps the company realize the product. Conclusion: - JCC Software is presented a well considered choice of the base from which the sustaining will be offered: both in TJOONER and both online. - By doing research is determined what are suitable functionalities for the platform. Examples are: templates, notifications, a forum, turials and sharing designs. - With the results of the interviews and the test JCC Software has knowledge of the expectations of the users. Results are ideas of extensions of functions, new functions and ideas of the program TJOONER.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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