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Ontwerp van een CEDD-connector

Vries, M.C. de (2015) Ontwerp van een CEDD-connector.

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Abstract:USE System Engineering, part of the TKH group, is a company located in Haaksbergen. The company was founded in 1993. It is engaged in the development of technical solutions for current issues in the field of electronics, software, optics and induction. The company developed a technology called CEDD (Contactless Energy & Data Distribution). CEDD makes it possible to connect and control electronic devices without the need of a galvanic connection. Currently, the company puts this in practice by integrating CEDD into AGL systems on airports. To make CEDD available for a bigger range of industries, the company wants to develop a new modular connector that can be used for different power supplies. The first area of application is inside of tunnels, into the so called safety handrail. This handrail contains LED-strips and is meant for to be used in evacuation situations. Concluding, the assignment from USE System Engineering is phrased: the development of a CEDD based modular connector for the safety handrail in tunnels. At the beginning of the project an analysis of CEDD was done. Following, the actual problems of evacuations, tunnels and electric evacuation devices were analyzed. The product life cycle, harsh environments, safety regulations and case studies were examined and brought together in a list of requirements. In here all requirements are described that the product should meet. The overall functionality of the product was split up into partial functionalities on which ideas were generated. These ideas were combined into three different concepts which were then further elaborated. In a concepts meeting all concepts were reviewed and provided with feedback in a structured way. Several people were invited for this meeting. People from the company, the university and external partners of USE. Based on the given feedback one concept was chosen. The chosen concept was improved as a result of the feedback. Later on a prototype was realized. The prototype was tested by different participants to indentify errors. Also defining a spring construction and a material analysis further developed the design. The result of the project is an connector, on CEDD based design, for safety handrails in tunnels. The design of the connector is scalable so it can be used for different power supplies. At the end of the project, recommendations have been made. USE System Engineering can use these recommendations for further development of this product.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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