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Een bovenbeenprothese voor onder de douche

Jansen, H.J.F. (2015) Een bovenbeenprothese voor onder de douche.

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Abstract:This report treats the design process of a transfemoral prosthetic leg, which is suitable for usage in the shower. This is carried out commissioned by Roessingh Research and Development, which is an independent part of Revalidation center Roessingh in Enschede. Roessingh Research and Development is an internationally recognized research institute which develops knowledge and innovations concerning rehabilitation technology and telemedicine, and helps introducing these in rehabilitation/health care. Here they have noticed that transfemoral prosthetic legs are not suited for usage in the shower at the moment. Therefore this bachelor assignment has been established. The design process has been started with a phase of analyzing. During this phase different types of analyzes have been fulfilled. First of all there has been done research into the company Roessingh Research and Development. There has been explored what their activities are, what they stand for, and what their expectations were for the outcomes of this bachelor assignment. Besides the meaning of a transfemoral amputation has been determined, herein the different levels of amputation were emphasized even as the causes of these amputations and the related epidemiological data. Also transfemoral prosthetic legs itself have been analyzed. A time line has been set, which shows the development of these prostheses. Besides, the common parts of the current prosthetic legs have been explained. Also an analysis of the market has been conducted. Here the different types of current transfemoral prostheses as well as the current solutions, to shower with an above knee amputation, were treated. The last analysis that has been conducted concerns the analysis of the target group. During this analysis different interviews are held with the primary and secundary users. The aim of these interviews was to get to know their requirements with respect to a shower suited prosthetic leg. The analysis phase has been finished with extracting design requirements based on the results of the different conducted analyses. The requirements can ∙ 7 be described in three words: “Safe, Practical and Hygienic.” These three terms took centre stage during the rest of the design process. In the next phase different type of solutions have been figured out to solve the shower problem. These ideas have been drawn and in the sequel these ideas have been put together in three different design concepts. The three concepts have been showed to the primary and secundary users, the same users who were interviewed during the analysis phase. These persons gave their feedback on these concepts. Based on this feedback a redesign has been made. This redesign is then showed to the orthotist of Revalidation Center Roessingh, who gave his feedback on this redesign. Besides a couple of extra designs have been made. These designs are based on a modular structure principal. This gives the opportunities for better solutions to the demands of the different users, moreover below knee amputees can be involved more easily with this strategy. Finally at the end of this report some recommendations, with respect to the redesign, will be done. These are base on the gathered feedback of the orthotist. The result of the whole process is a concept design of a safe, practial and hygienic prosthesis, which in the first place is suitable for people with an above knee amputation, but also involves a second target group, because of the modular strategy that is applied. This is the group of below knee amputees. The result is a good base for a follow-up traject, wherein, for example, a prototype can be developed.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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