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Sailing yacht design : for improvement of space perception

Schoonman, L. (2015) Sailing yacht design : for improvement of space perception.

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Abstract:This report describes the design process of a sailing yacht with improvement of the space perception. The assignment is carried out at yacht designer Satellite Yacht Design. The company would like to introduce innovative ideas to a rather monotonous market. Therefore they offered an internship to a non-yacht designer. In preliminary talks to the contract, it was determined that the focus of the assignment would be on small yachts (7 to 9 m) and on the perception of space on board. Before the design phase, several analyzes have been made to find out what is currently on the market and what target groups are interesting to focus on with this new design. Three target groups are most interesting: Rental, 50+ and wealthy thirties. A list of wishes and demands is established for the target groups. It is being substantiated by a questionnaire and an interview with a yacht builder. At this point it became clear these target groups don’t have enough overlap to be united in one design. The rental is disengaged because the group is too complicated to focus on and less suited for innovations. The design is decided to be partly modular, buying this yacht is like buying a car: buyers get to pick colors and features. A design brief is drawn from the demands for the remaining target groups. The 4 goals of the redesign are: improvement of space perception, ease of operation, appearance and comfort. Several concepts for the interior design are generated in several areas, redesign of: the galley, sitting in- and outside and opening. These concepts are valued and chosen based on the 4 goals. Suitable parts and systems are designed for the interior design. When the interior design is established it automatically generates demands for the exterior design. The next step is designing the exterior. After this process styling of the practical design is done, the rental group is being re-engaged because adapting the design for rental turned out to be fairly easy. The design is well suited for the purpose it is designed for, not all parts are new but the innovations concern several important areas of the boat.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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