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Multi-band protocol accuracy

Goossens, Victor (2015) Multi-band protocol accuracy.

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Abstract:With diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) imaging the elapsed time of the scan can be cut in half or even less if more than one slice is simultaneously acquired. This way more diffusion directions per minute can be obtained. In this project several protocols with varying multi-bands and directions are analyzed for their accuracy. The MB3 (multi-band 3) protocol was a lot less accurate than the MB1 protocol although the amount of directions was about one and a half times as big as the MB1 protocol. It was especially bad at the core of the brain. The MB2 protocol showed that in the same elapsed time as the MB1 protocol, the accuracy at the outside of the brain was increased. This was because of the double amount of used directions in the same elapsed time. The core of the brain of the MB2 protocol was still worse, while overall it was the same accuracy.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Technical Medicine BSc (50033)
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