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Analysing relationships between building characteristics and airtightness of dutch dwellings

Bramiana, Chely N. (2015) Analysing relationships between building characteristics and airtightness of dutch dwellings.

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Abstract:Several studies have shown that building airtightness is an important parameter to improve energy efficiency of buildings. Towards this end, many countries also emphasize the importance of addressing air leakage in their regulatory policies. Many scholars and research organizations have attempted and/or developed models to predict building airtightness in order to ensure that buildings comply with the minimum requirements permitted by law. However, none of these models can substantially substitute the results of blower door tests. This warrants the need to explore factors that have both effects and interaction with building airtightness. This paper explores 320 Dutch dwellings by studying the relationship between measured building airtightness and building characteristics abstracted from past studies. Correlational analyses as well as the ANOVA test were done to determine relationships between building characteristics and measured building airtightness. Multiple linear regressions were also done to measure the effects of these factors on building airtightness. Year of construction, total leakage, roof type, building method and building typology were found to have significant relationships with building airtightness; but, only year of construction and total leakage were found to have influence on building airtightness, in terms of specific leakage rate. A significant interaction was also found between these two variables and specific leakage rate (m3/(h.m2)). This means that actors in the construction industry must strive to minimize the chances of air leakage by improving the quality of workmanship at all phases of construction to reduce the chances of the leakage paths happening in the building at all interfaces. This study recommends more exploration of other factors to test their relationship and effect on building airtightness.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Construction Management and Engineering MSc (60337)
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