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Welbevinden en psychopathologie bij chronische pijn : het twee-continua model.

Boumeester, M.N. (2015) Welbevinden en psychopathologie bij chronische pijn : het twee-continua model.

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Abstract:People who suffer from chronic pain are at greater risk of developing psychological disorders like a depression. Therefore it is important to search for factors that contribute to an adaptive dealing with the pain. In this study it is examined (1) if people were able to experience positive mental health despite their chronic pain and (2) if the two-continua model of mental health also applies to people who suffer from chronic pain. For this study 940 participants were selected of which 471 were suffering from chronic pain. The MHC-SF was used to measure positive mental health and the BSI was used to measure psychopathology. The participants filled out the questionnaires at four measurement occasions in the course of nine months. The reciprocal impact of positive mental health and psychopathology was investigated by applying a cross-lagged panel design. The results showed that for participants who suffered from chronic pain there was a higher level of psychopathology but not a lower level of positive mental health compared to participants who didn’t suffer from chronic pain. Besides this it appeared that positive mental health and psychopathology were reasonably stable over time and that there was a low correlation between the two (r = -.31). Finally the results showed that the changes in positive mental health had predictive value for psychopathology later in time and that the changes in psychopathology had predictive value for positive mental health later in time. This indicates that treatments of chronic pain could focus on enhancing positive mental health to reduce psychopathological symptoms and to reduce the risk of developing such symptoms. Further implications and limitations of this study are discussed.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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