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Onderzoek naar de beperking van verkeershinderperceptie tijdens wegwerkzaamheden met behulp van ITS : een inventarisatie en aanbeveling

Soyer, L.M.A. (2015) Onderzoek naar de beperking van verkeershinderperceptie tijdens wegwerkzaamheden met behulp van ITS : een inventarisatie en aanbeveling.

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Abstract:Dutch roads are used increasingly intensive every day, making widening of roads necessary and frequent maintenance inevitable. The result is a greater amount of roadworks, increasing the chances of hindrance to occur. Consequently, the Dutch governmental organisation responsible for the main roads, Rijkswaterstaat, values reduction of hindrance experienced by road users increasingly when tendering new projects. Heijmans (a large construction company in the Netherlands), reckons there are opportunities to achieve this reduction by using Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). They currently however lack a clear overview of the available and usable ITS to attain this goal. This research report provides an overview of the theoretical background to explain the origin of experienced hindrance during roadworks as well as an analysis of (in the future) available ITS that may limit the amount of experienced hindrance. Prevention and reduction of experienced hindrance from roadworks can be achieved by focusing on the reduction of environmental factors that cause hindrance as well as supporting the driver processing the experienced hindrance. Environmental factors that may induce hindrance are amongst others congestion and conditions that may increase the primary driving task. A driver can be effectively supported in their coping with hindrance by providing accurate, reliable and for the driver useful information about the condition of the road. Currently, ITS develop with advances on communication infrastructure and on communication. The communication infrastructure is the manner in which data communication is organized, whereas communication is the technique that makes data exchange possible. Innovations on these two areas make it possible to initiate developments in the way data is gathered and on how users can be informed about the actual road conditions. Five different ITS have been chosen by means of a list of requirements and goals that are deemed as most effective in reducing the experienced hindrance during roadworks. These requirements and goals are devised from conclusions drawn after the study of factors that induce road hindrance as well as a superficial analysis of guidelines that may contribute to a successful implementation of ITS. Results of a Multi Criteria Analysis show that In Vehicle Information and the usage of Carriage Way Metering seem most promising in reducing experienced hindrance. The criteria that have been used in the MCA are determined after a brainstorm session with Heijmans employees in order to fine-tune the outcome to their specific requirements. In Vehicle Information is a technique that can be used in order to present a large range of types of information to the user. This makes it possible to help the user process undesirable events. Carriage Way Metering may reduce congestion when a lane has been pulled, by optimizing the amount of vehicles on the stretch of road of which the capacity has been reduced. It is expected that in the upcoming five years, few of the in this report discussed techniques to reduce experienced hindrance from roadworks will be operational. Most ITS are currently in their infancy as many have not been put into practice, not to mention the technical and legal struggles many will encounter. Nonetheless, this does not imply that ITS are not prospective in the distant future, say 10 years. For that reason, further studies on In Vehicle Information and Carriageway Metering are endorsed as it can provide additional (and quantitative) information on the effectivity and applicability of these systems and possible future usage. Lastly, it is recommended to direct future studies to the field of human factors because of its importance in successful operation.
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Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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