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Design of a transparent interface

Tijman op Smeijers, I.C.J. (2015) Design of a transparent interface.

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Abstract:PANalytical is a company that is specialized in creating analytical devices for all kinds of customers. They aim to be customer focused and innovative compared to their competition. One of the device PANalytical produces is the Zetium. The Zetium is a device that analyses material compositions using X-ray fluorescence technology. The software of the Zetium is controlled on a separate computer. PANalytical wants to combine the software en the Zetium into one device by placing an transparent interactive display technology on the transparent cover of the Zetium. There are other solution to combine the software and the Zetium, but placing it on the transparent cover appears to be the best option. If the Zetium is compared to the concurrent of PANalytical it turns out that the concurrent already combined the software with the device, but not with the innovative idea to use the transparent cover. There are different kinds of transparent display technologies. LCD, OLED and projection. LCD is not suitable to use on the cover. Projection has a lot of flaws but is possible immediately but it will not be interactive. The most promising option is OLED, but the problem is that it is not really far developed and still very expensive. There are many kinds of input methods. The most promising at this moment is projected capacitive. In the future it would be attractive to use gesture input. In order to use non-interactive projection immediately some adjustments has to be made to the Zetium, so that a digiboard projector will fit into it. By making sketches on the cover of the Zetium it turned out that blue and orange were the best colors to use in the new interface. Red must be used for warning signals. Out of all kinds of sketches four concepts appear to be most promising. One round design, one skeumorfistic design, one diagonal design and a clean design. Eventually the clean design seems to be the best concept to use as a final design with influences of the other concepts. This concept is eventually developed to a final design with all elements in it, that are needed to do an analysis of a material. This design is unfortunately not suitable for the near future, because this interface will only be projected so it will not be interactive. It is also not extensive enough for the far future, because than more elements will be possible. That is why some scratches are made for this different time eras and these time eras are set out in a roadmap with associated technology and human interaction. When the design is tested it turns out to be a promising design, with not that many flaws. It looks ‘cool’ and ‘high-tech’ on the cover of the Zetium. Unfortunately it also turns out that doing a large number of analysis on the cover is not very convenient because of the uncomfortable posture the user has to have while doing the analysis. Also typing vertically is not ideal. In the future something must be devised in order to solve these problems.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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