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Visualisatie van de Flourishing Scale voor laaggeletterden

Holterhues, J. (2015) Visualisatie van de Flourishing Scale voor laaggeletterden.

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Abstract:Background: There is a great focus on the concept of “health”. A point of matter which is mentioned by the World Health Organization consists of the fact that health cannot only be characterized by physical health but by social and mental health as well as wellbeing. Thus, it is important to pay more attention towards psychological wellbeing as well. The Flourishing Scale (FS) is a measuring instrument that measures psychological wellbeing with 8 items. The constraint for measuring psychological wellbeing is that the measuring instrument must be fully understood. For example, low-literates cannot always measure up to this criteria. Hence, research has been performed considering a visualization of measuring instruments, in this case the FS. The aim of this is to give an answer to the research question whether it is possible to measure psychological wellbeing in low-literates in a significant way using a created visual version of de FS. Method: Ten ideas for pairs of images (negative and positive image), which represented the content of the items of the FS, were submitted by acquaintances of the researcher. Thereafter, three pairs of images were developed for every item of the FS. Those 24 pairs of images were evaluated by experts. Ultimately, sixteen images remained and were evaluated by the target group of low-literates. Through these evaluations, it was possible to map if the created images can be used as a representation of the items of the FS. Results and conclusion: 24 images were evaluated by experts. Results from this step of the research show that consensus is found in the evaluation of the images by the experts. Thus, experts understood the images well. Based on the evaluations by the target group, the following conclusion can be made: The low-literates understood the images well on the basis of the action that was depicted but not on an abstract level. The internal consistency of the visual version of the FS was good (α = 0,73). Despite this fact, few strong (positive) correlations were found between the items of the FS and de images of the visual version of the FS. A complementary result was the weak correlation between the sumscores of the visual version of the FS and the items of the FS ( = 0,36). The visual version of the Flourishing Scale is reliable. Additionally, further research must be done to evaluate if flourishing is or how it could be measured by this visual version of the Flourishing scale.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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