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An evaluation of a new type of housing scheme based on residential satisfaction: Plaza de la Hoja, Bogota, Colombia

Veenen, A. van (2015) An evaluation of a new type of housing scheme based on residential satisfaction: Plaza de la Hoja, Bogota, Colombia.

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Abstract:Bogotá is with almost 9 million inhabitants the biggest city in Colombia. The center of the city is bustling and in the north of the city richer areas are located. However, there are a lot of areas in Bogotá where the living conditions are not that good. There is a high number of poor people living in poorly constructed houses or even slums, mostly at the edges of the city. To solve this problem the Colombian government introduced a new housing policy. This means that the government will provide homes for 100.000 families throughout Colombia during the presidential period (Metrovivienda, Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá D.C., & Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos Bogotá D.C. , 2013). The project of Plaza de la Hoja is an example of this new policy. The nation of Colombia and the district of Bogotá finance 457 free homes and provide free internet access for victims of displacement or violence. The main purpose of this project is to break the paradigm that poor people should live in the suburbs of the city. The housing authority and executor Metrovivienda wants to bring several types of landuse, such as living, working or leisure together to reduce socio-economic segregation and to weaken the border between rich and poor. At last, they want to renew the city with this project and change the perception of the inhabitants of Bogotá that good quality housing for poor people in the city center is possible. A sub-goal of the project is to provide a comfortable and affordable living environment for the displaced persons and victims of violence to improve their quality of life (El Tiempo, 2014). However, evaluating the main purposes of the project is not possible, because the project was finished a few months ago and at this moment not every resident has moved in. It takes more time for these activities to develop and the scope of this research is too small to cover them all. In order to keep the purposes in mind this research has focused on evaluating the sub-goal of the Plaza de la Hoja project. When looking at literature about evaluating housing schemes the terms performance and residential satisfaction arise. The project performs well when the residents are satisfied with their home. This leads to the following research question: “What is the current performance of Plaza de la Hoja when looking at the residential satisfaction?” The purpose of this research is to develop and implement a model to measure the satisfaction of the residents in order to evaluate the project of Plaza de la Hoja. Based on the results it can be concluded if this type of project can be named a success. An advice will be given to Metrovivienda if it is recommendable to develop this kind of projects in other parts of Bogotá.
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