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Kwalitatief onderzoek over de subjectieve beleving van schoonheid in het kader van het project beauty

Matten, Marit (2015) Kwalitatief onderzoek over de subjectieve beleving van schoonheid in het kader van het project beauty.

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Abstract:The nature of beauty is one of the most discussed and controversial topics of all time. The experience of beauty is common to almost everyone, but there are still many questions about this phenomenon which remain unanswered. The aim of the Project Beauty is to answer the following questions: how do we perceive beauty and what meaning does it have within our lives? To answer these questions an online-survey was designed and answered by about 3000 respondents from three countries. This thesis wants to discover how people experience the reflection on subjective beauty and how they undergo the process of answering the questions from the Project Beauty-questionnaire. By means of the Three Step Test Interview (TSTI), a research instrument to test questionnaires, the respondent´s view about the Project Beauty-survey and the topic beauty itself was captured. Therefore respondents (n=12) had to fill in the original Project Beauty-questionnaire. After that they had to answer questions about the quality of the Project Beauty survey and about beauty itself within the framework of a semi-structured interview. The study shows that the inherent subjectivity of beauty leads to self-reflection, which tells much about the personality of the respondents. Furthermore, the reflection on beauty seems to elicit positive emotions. The Project Beauty-questionnaire, as a mean to reflect on beauty, is evaluated positively by the respondents. Even though they criticize that the given answers do not cover all the possible answers you can give on some questions, they see the Project Beauty-questionnaire as educational and inspiring. Future research should focus more on the subjective quality of beauty and not alone on the physical, objective beauty which gives an incomplete picture of the experience of beauty. The relation between the experience of subjective beauty, self-reflection and positive emotions would be an interesting topic for further study within the Positive Psychology. Therefore this study has to be seen as a point of departure and source of inspiration for more elaborate research about the subjective experience of beauty.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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