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De samenhang tussen extraversie en de identiteitspresentatie online en face-to-face

Neumann, L. (2015) De samenhang tussen extraversie en de identiteitspresentatie online en face-to-face.

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Abstract:The present study was conducted to analyze the relationship between the presentation of one’s identity online versus face-to-face and the personality trait extraversion. At this moment there is few research done in this kind of field. However, the interest concerning the influence of the internet on self-presentation is growing and the personality is likely to have an influence on this presentation. In order to examine the presentation of the self, online and face-to-face, letters from the future were used. This is a standardized method where the participants have to write a letter from an imagined future to their present selves. Thereby they are presenting their identity specific for this research. Extraversion was measured by some questions of the personality questionnaire NEO-FFI. 27 women and men, who are older than eighteen years, are able to understand Dutch and use Facebook, took part in this research. In order to get participants, friends and family of the researchers were asked and the research was published on Facebook as well. During this research the participants were instructed to write two letters, one for Facebook and one to be read to other participants in a meeting. Afterwards they had to answer questions out of the NEO-FFI. The letters were analyzed qualitatively, whereby fifteen themes could be found which represent the content of the letters. Moreover it was analyzed how often and how detailed each of those themes were described in the letters. Finally, a quantitative analysis was conducted to show if a relationship can be found between the themes which were found and the personality trait extraversion. One remarkable finding was that twelve participants made no difference between their two letters, but they wrote the same letter two times. A second interesting result was that much consensus could be found between the letters of all three groups. The differences were mostly to be found concerning the richness of detail of those themes. Also, a negative correlation was found concerning the two themes hobby’s and character in two of the conditions and the trait extraversion. Following studies which want to investigate this kind of field should attract more participants in order to be able to find more significant correlations between extraversion and the presentation of the identity. Additionally, it could be important and valuable to meet the participants after they took part at the research and to ask them about their stories and experiences which they had during writing the letters.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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