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The influence of 'Mijn GezondheidsPlatform' on self-management and involvement.

Schüller, Marie Eloise (2015) The influence of 'Mijn GezondheidsPlatform' on self-management and involvement.

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Abstract:Purpose: 'Mijn Gezondheidsplatform' is an eHealth intervention implemented for people suffering certain chronic diseases. The interventions aimed an improvement in self-management abilities. The purpose of this study was to examine if the intervention 'Mijn GezondheidsPlatform' has any influence on improving self-management abilities and the perception of involvement. Method: To measure self-management and involvement, the Patient Activation Measure (PAM13) and the Personal Involvement Inventory (PII) were used respectively. For examining the effect of the intervention, an experimental group (MGP-group) as well as a control group were selected. Both groups had to fill in the PAM13 three times during the intervention. Furthermore the MGP-group had to fill in also the PII to measure their perception of involvement. The first measurement took place just before the intervention started (t0). The measurements were repeated after three months (t3) and after six months (t6). With several Mann-Whitney tests it is calculated if there are significant differences of self-management abilities (PAM13) within the MGP-group as well as significant differences between the groups. Furthermore the Mann-Whitney tests are used to examine if there are differences in the perception of involvement (PII) at all times of measurement. Finally, it will be examined, with a regression analysis, if there is a relation between self-management and involvement and also if internet use has any moderating effect on this relation. Results: The results show no significant changes in self-management scores either in the MGP-group or in the control group. Between the groups a significant change is observable at the last time of measurement after six months (t6). In the self-management scores of the control group there is a significant decrease between t3 and t6. Also in the involvement scores of the MGP-group are no significant increases. The regression analysis shows no relation between self-management and involvement. It also shows that internet use has no effect on self-management as well as involvement. Discussion: There are several limitations of this intervention regarding the structure and the design. Although persuasive elements are implemented they don't have the expected effects on the perception of involvement. Also, the structure how the intervention is build does not include formative evaluations in an iterative process. There are, however, positive results as the self-management does not decrease in the MGP-group as it was the case in the control group.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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