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Automatically tired? : evaluating the usability of a Sentence Completion Test to measure cognitive processes of fatigue

Sundermann, J.H. (2015) Automatically tired? : evaluating the usability of a Sentence Completion Test to measure cognitive processes of fatigue.

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Abstract:Objectives. The main goal of this study was to scrutinize whether a Sentence Completion Test is suitable and useful to measure fatigue. Method. An implicit measurement method, the Sentence Completion Test, was used to evaluate fatigue implicitly. To assess fatigue explicitly three explicit measurement methods, a Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), the Vitality/Fatigue subscale of the Research and Development 36-Item Health Survey (RAND-36), and the Checklist For Individual Strength (CIS-20-R) were additionally applied. In total, 50 participants completed the questionnaires. After completing the questionnaires the participant was asked to code his/her answers on the specific items of the implicit test as having regard to fatigue or vitality or none of them. In addition, the researcher coded the items independently. To evaluate the rater agreement between the three different raters a reliability analysis was conducted. At last, the Sentence Completion Test was correlated with each explicit test to evaluate possible relations. Results. The data analysis showed weak to modest interrater-agreement between the three different raters. Further, the correlations between the implicit measurement methods and the explicit measurement methods showed no significant relation. Conclusion. The results of the data analysis revealed only little indication that these implicit measurement methods are suitable and useful to measure fatigue. However, more methodologically accurate and well-investigated implicit measurement methods could be promising to measure fatigue more accurately and may serve as an useful alternative or addition next to existing standardized explicit measurements.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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