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De relatie tussen sociale participatie en geestelijke gezondheid bij mensen met polyartritis

Vöcker, R. (2015) De relatie tussen sociale participatie en geestelijke gezondheid bij mensen met polyartritis.

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Abstract:Objective: People diagnosed with polyarthritis often suffer from disabilities like problems in involvement in a life situation. Psychological problems like depression and anxiety may also be consequences of the disease. This study examined to what extent changes in mental health status in patients with poyarthritis (anxiety, depression, purpose in life, positive affect) in the course of time are predicted by changes in participation (family role, autonomy outdoors, social relations). In addition, the mediating effect of changes in self-efficacy was examined. Methods: 239 patients diagnosed with polyarthritis participated in a longitudinal questionnaire study. Over a period of one year they filled in the same questionnaire for three times. A number of hierarchical multiple-regression-analyses were conducted to examine to what extent changes in anxiety, depression, purpose in life en positive affect over a course of time can be attributed to changes in participation. Using the PROCESS-tool created by Hayes, the influence of changes in self-efficacy on the relation between changes in participation and changes in mental health was investigated. Results: For changes in all aspects of mental health, changes in participation added substantial explained variance to the model (∆R2: .04 - .13). Changes in self-efficacy partly mediated the influence of changes in participation. Conclusion: Changes in mental health status of patients with polyarthritis over the course of one year, were found to be predicted by changes in the degree to which they are involved in life situations. The impact of rheumatoid diseases on the patient can thus be mitigated by means of enabling him or her to stay involved in life situations.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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