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Mobiele applicaties in de GGZ

Febel, M. (2015) Mobiele applicaties in de GGZ.

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Abstract:Mobile technologies are nowadays common in most parts of the world and play an important part in the life of adolescents. Meanwhile, they are also increasingly used in the mental health care. Especially mobile applications become more and more popular because they have the potential to be effective and to improve the access to mental health care. The goal of this review is to gain insights into the effectivity and acceptance of mobile applications used in the mental health care to treat anxiety- and panic disorders. The literature is systematically searched in the databases ‘MEDLINE‘, ’PsycINFO‘, ‘Scopus’, ‘Web of Science’, ‘Cochrane Library’ and ‘UT catalogus’. A total of 1346 articles where found whereof 22 articles comply with the inclusion criteria and therefore were used for the final analysis. From these 22 articles only three articles are specifically concerned with anxiety disorders and only one is covering panic disorder. Most of the found articles have an informative nature, as they discuss the benefits and limitations of mobile technologies. With regard to the effectivity could be said that mobile technologies have the potential to be effective especially with regards to depression, stress and anxiety. Also it seems that the attitude towards the use of mobile technologies in the mental health care is positive in general. This review shows that despite the fast spread and availability of mobile technologies in the mental health care little research is done about their effectivity and acceptance. Especially with regard to anxiety- and panic disorders a lack of research is found. Furthermore, there is a lack of research with regard to adolescents. Therefore, further research about the effectivity, acceptance and usability of mobile applications, especially for the treatment of adolescents who suffers from panic, is necessary.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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