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Concept mapping voor hoogbegaafde en niet-hoogbegaafde leerlingen : effecten van begeleiding

Heijboer, A.G.J. (2015) Concept mapping voor hoogbegaafde en niet-hoogbegaafde leerlingen : effecten van begeleiding.

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Abstract:This study investigated the effects of giftedness and support during the construing of a concept map on the quality of that concept map, the knowledge gain, mood and flow. Research has showed that concept mapping usually is a very effective way of learning. The first question is whether it's the gifted students or the non-gifted that gain more by using concept-mapping. Besides that, it is unclear if the gifted students need support while making concept maps. To discover the effects of both giftedness and support, this research has used 4 conditions. Two of them with gifted students, who created concept maps based on an informative text with or without support. The other two consisted of non-gifted students with the same exercise. The support was given as a scaffolding support and consisted of a partially filled-in concept map, which the students had to complete. It appears that gifted students are better at making concept maps than non-gifted students, however the quality of the concept map shows strong correlations with knowledge gain, but only for the non-gifted students. So can be concluded that even though gifted students are better at making a concept map, it’s the non-gifted students that gain more by concept-mapping. Probably because gifted students already see the connections between concepts while reading the text, where non-gifted students first discover the connections while making the concept map. This is confirmed in several researches, that say that gifted students are more capable of discovering connections. This study shows no effects of support, the conditions with and the conditions without support achieved similar results, whether gifted or non-gifted.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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