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Gebruikerservaringen met de online interventie ‘haal meer uit je leven met pijn’

Hilgerink, J. (2015) Gebruikerservaringen met de online interventie ‘haal meer uit je leven met pijn’.

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Abstract:Introduction: Chronic pain is a large problem in the Netherlands among others. Treatments like physical therapy and pharmaceutical therapy show little effect in decreasing pain and may also cause negative side-effects. ACT is a cognitive behavioral therapy which shows promising results in decreasing pain for chronic pain patients. In this study the principles of ACT are implemented through a self-help intervention. This study tries to get an overview of the experiences of the participants, with the aim changes can be made to improve the intervention. Methods: Six participants entered this study. The average age of the participants was 44.5 years. The participants took 9 to 12 weeks to complete the intervention, after which they were interviewed. The experiences of the participants were obtained through a structured interview. The data has been divided in different themes, from which the data was further analyzed. Results: The overall experience of the participants was positive. All participants said the intervention helped them in some way. Most of the participants thought the guidance of the remedial- of physiotherapist was sufficient, but for multiple participants, guidance from a professional was desirable for certain parts of the intervention. All participants but one, were very positive about the online aspect of the intervention. The most important negative comments were the lack of professional assistance, the complexity of the intervention, the absence of feedback on the exercises and the absence of reminders. Conclusions: Although most of the participants were generally positive about the intervention, participants had a more negative experience with some aspects of the intervention. Further research has to be done for the amount of assistance which is needed for the participants to successfully complete the intervention. Also more research is needed for the intelligence which is needed to understand the principles of ACT and to make them work. Adding the possibility for feedback on the exercises and adding reminders, can help to improve user experiences and decrease possible drop-out rates.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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