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De relatie tussen disfunctioneren en welbevinden in de klinische populatie

Linden, Annabel van der (2015) De relatie tussen disfunctioneren en welbevinden in de klinische populatie.

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Abstract:Background: Earlier research in the general Dutch population showed that well-being and psychopathology are two interrelated, but distinct dimensions. In mental health, the focus is exclusively on psychopathology. The current study examines the extent to which the two-continua model can be replicated in the clinical population and the interdependence of the various components of well-being and dysfunction. Methods: Well-being (MHC-SF) and dysfunction (OQ-45) are measured by means of a clinical population at a particular moment in time (N = 79, Mage = 40.04, SDage = 12.58). First the strength of the relationship between well-being and dysfunction is tested by way of a bivariate correlation analysis. Subsequently, by means of a cross table the participants are set off against each other in order to test the two-continua model. Finally a multiple regression analysis was done in order to test the unique consistency. Results: The two-continua model is supported in the clinical population (r = -.66; ρ < .001). Furthermore, it is shown that dysfunction in interpersonal relationships has a unique association with total (β = -.42, ρ < .01), emotional (β = -.40, ρ < .01) and psychological (β = -.40, ρ < .01) well-being after controlling for the other components of dysfunction. Psychological well-being has unique correlation with overall dysfunction (β = -.38, ρ < .01), symptomatic distress (β = -.46, ρ < .001) and dysfunction in interpersonal relationships(β = -.40, ρ < .01) after controlling for the other components of well-being. Conclusion: The results confirm, to a lesser extent than the general Dutch population, support of the two-continua model in the clinical population. Based on these results, it seems important for the mental health to not only focus on psychological symptoms, but to focus also on well-being. According to the demonstrated unique associations, it should be the focus of the complaint targeted treatment to reduce dysfunction in interpersonal relationships. The focus with respect to promoting well-being should be on the psychological well-being in order to obtain the most effective treatment results. Keywords: Well-being; psychopathology; dysfunction; two-continua model; clinical population
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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