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De rol van persoonlijkheid en de aard van positieve ervaringen ten opzichte van de effectiviteit van de ‘drie goede dingen’ oefening

Reker, C.A. (2015) De rol van persoonlijkheid en de aard van positieve ervaringen ten opzichte van de effectiviteit van de ‘drie goede dingen’ oefening.

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Abstract:Purpose: This study examined to what extent personality on the one hand and the kind of positive experiences, which were noted within the " three good things" exercise (3GT), on the other hand had impact on the effectiveness of this intervention. The aim was to examine the processes of the 3GT in more detail by discovering when and for whom the exercise is effective. This is relevant to be able to apply the 3GT more constructively and with greater effectiveness in practice. Method: Over a period of seven days 46 participants completed the 3GT intervention online. All respondents filled in the BFI-10 for the measurement of personality. Furthermore they completed the PANAS before and after the intervention to measure positive affect and negative affect. The hypotheses were tested using Pearson's correlation coefficient and linear regression analyzes. Results: The results showed that both personality and the kind of positive experiences had little impact on the effectiveness of the 3GT. The intervention had no effect on positive affect and there was no correlation between the personality traits extraversion, neuroticism and affect. Negative affect appears to be decreased, after completing the intervention, on people who have noted positive experiences with either a moral or an ethical decision. An increased negative affect is found on very altruistic people. Finally, the content category ‘doing right’ is found to correlate negatively with the personality trait 'conscientiousness'. Discussion: These findings have important value for the implication of the 3GT in practice. It appears that this exercise may be used for people with differently pronounced personality traits and that the kind of positive experiences has no limiting influence on effectiveness. In future research, it is useful to reinvestigate the correlation between the effectiveness of the 3GT, its content and personality in a larger sample. In addition, it is important to examine the connection between the 3GT and personality and to optimize the classification scheme for the content of the answers from the 3GT.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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