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Demand for personal real time travel information : an exploratory study of the market for BuSMS in Rio de Janeiro

Nijenhuis, Guido (2010) Demand for personal real time travel information : an exploratory study of the market for BuSMS in Rio de Janeiro.

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Abstract:IFluxo is developing a service in Rio de Janeiro which provides bus travelers with a text message about when their bus is leaving. Rio de Janeiro seems to be the right place to start a service like this, because buses do not ride according a timetable. The development of the service has come to the point that research among the potential users is needed. In this research a first step is made to discover the market. The goal for this research consists out of three aspects, first a tested survey which can be used on a large scale to examine the demand for BuSMS, second a qualitative prediction about the demand for BuSMS and third recommendations for the development of the service. This research consists out of a literature study, a survey and a focus group session. Segmentation was used to get an idea about the future users of BuSMS. In literature characteristics were found to make these segments. The segments were made based on age, frequency and type of trip (must or lust). After the literature study a survey was made. The survey served three goals: see if people were able to answer the questions, test whether the segments were chosen correctly, and retrieve information about the demand for BuSMS. It was found that people sometimes had problems with answering the right questions. The results of the survey did not show that the use of type of trip as a characteristic for segmentation was right. The use of age and frequency still seems to be good. The survey showed that there is a need for more information on the bus and that people have to wait long at the bus stop. So there is a high potential for BuSMS. After the survey six respondents were selected for a focus group session. In this session was dealt with the current use of travel information, the need for more information and the attitude towards BuSMS. People got very frustrated about the current situation and were relieved to hear that something like BuSMS might be possible in the near future. Furthermore the participants said that they wanted as much information as possible. So BuSMS should try to offer as much information as possible. The participants were very enthusiastic about the service and would start using it immediately when possible. Based on the results from the survey and the focus group session a new survey was made. This survey can be used on a larger scale to get a better idea about the demand for BuSMS. In the survey difficult questions are changed, irrelevant questions deleted and new questions inserted.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:55 traffic technology, transport technology
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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